• Plastic Injection Molding of Window Hardware for Residential Use
  • Tubing Cap

    Our Standard Caps include a wide range of plastic caps, tubing caps, ball caps, square caps, rectangular caps, bar caps, vinyl shower rod caps, heavy caps, angle iron caps, concrete form bullet caps, heavy vinyl tips, reducing silencers, wire tips, concrete form end tips and self tapping thread protectors.

  • Flat Head Plug

    Our line of universal plugs is designed to maximize manufacturing efficiency by speeding production and lowering inventory costs. Its unique annular fin design provides a positive fit for a wide range of tubing wall thicknesses with a single component. Within its 14-23 gauge range, the Universal Plug greatly reduces the number of plug I.D.'s needed in inventory. One plug per tube O.D. does the job, often with improved fit. Round, square or rectangular, Universal Plugs can make a substantial difference in efficiency and production costs.

    Standard plugs include a wide range of plastic plugs, flat head plugs, rectangular plugs, square plugs, forked plugs, ball plugs, specialty plugs, split stem & stem bumpers, beveled edge hole plugs and flat top hole plugs. In-house design services for specific custom plastic plugs are available. To see for yourself, contact us for samples today.

  • "U" Clips

    Our Additional Standard Products include caster sockets for beds, snap tie cones, plastic spacers, bushings , hose washers, O rings, eyeglass clips and inserts, dowel pins and hose grips.

  • Finned Fasteners

    Our Standard Fasteners include a wide range of fasteners, two piece plastic fasteners, finned fasteners, removable fasteners, push fasteners, tufting button set, and two piece removable rivets. Custom designed plastic fasteners are available.

  • Top Mount Tilt Latches with Lock

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